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Joy - Grants and Financing Lead

Joy Xiang (she/her) is a writer, editor, arts worker, pansexual femme, and perpetually blooming human. She was born in Shanghai, grew up in the Ontario suburbs, and has been living in Toronto since 2014. Her work often engages desire and learning ways of being together in complication and intimacy. She thinks about where poetry might meet the charged collective liberation of dancing in dark rooms, and is a member of the intergenerational feminist art collective EMILIA-AMALIA. Talk to her about black cats, 70s and 80s sexploitation movies, erotic zines, music of all genres for every mood, and absurd memes. @vahnsuhn

What would your super power be and why?

"The ability to boost people’s serotonin without any side effects, because duh. Then we would all have more energy to do the work of making better futures."

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